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True Reality

We live in a world where there is much confusion. People, from all walks of life, search for their or the universal truths with hopes to find even just a glimmer of that which they seek. They ponder what lies ahead and question why life operates on the various different levels that it does.

Many individuals question how a God could allow such atrocities to happen and what possible positive outcome could result from these events. It is said that the human race is allowed free reign of their personal decisions. It is truly difficult to understand the “positive” results of horrific events but personally I have to believe that all things have a silver lining.

There are those that believe in yin and yang or polar opposites and that if there is positive in the world there also has to be negative. There are two sides to every coin and this is what constitutes our reality, or at least our concept of reality.

Take a moment to reconsider this..........What if only love and all its attributes truly exist and this is the only true reality? How would our world change under such conditions? What if all the nations of the world followed the golden rule and only did unto others as they would want others to do unto them? What a world that would be.

Reality or at least one of our concepts of reality constitutes that for every action there is a reaction. For every good deed carried out, there is a blessing that awaits the person who lives by these rules.

What is your truth? Think in terms of yin and yang--love and hate--peace and war.

Again, what if the only true reality is only the good in life? What if everything that is not good is an illusion, but an illusion that we have created, that we have somehow given life? What if we could see the good that comes out of every action without judgement, without expecting that in return something on the opposite side of the scales would have to fall into place?

True reality exists (even though this statement sounds redundant, it truly is not). We experience “judgement” daily through our own thought process. True reality (not our reality) is good, created through love and compassion. Yes, our personal reality is made up of two sides to that coin of life, but true reality is all that is good. Therefore, are we not caught up in a false reality of our own making? This is not to say that one can escape life’s physical restriction and its difficulties, although perhaps on some mental level conceivably we can.

The only truth that actually matters is love generated. This is the true reality. The rest of it is a product of man’s interference and has no place in true reality. It is a blemish that must be conquered and put into its proper place. Its place, however, does not really exist. Truth is love and all of its wonders.

Ponder this for a moment. Allow your minds to remain open to this concept.

Seek out truth and our true reality.

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