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Have an honest look at the way you represent yourself. This may be the way you express yourself in public, to family or friends or even on a deeper scale with yourself.

Be totally honest and respectful with yourself. Do you like who you are?

Are you moving in a preferred direction with your personal growth?

Is there room for change or are you satisfied with the true you?

An honest reflection often reveals a preference for some change, maybe very minor. When we make change we feel better about ourself because we have grown and the feeling of control. There is always work to be done (we are human), but honesty is what is required to move forward.

Do not make changes because of others’ expectations. Make a change because you have personal reasons to do so. Live according to your wants and goals. You might not need to make many changes when you look at your life from that perspective.

Honest contemplation is important. Do not jump on a whim. Being reflective can take time.

If you don’t like what you see, make the changes that will make you more comfortable with who you are.

Remember “who you wish you were” is already a part of who you are. You would not recognize those qualities or traits unless they were already a part of your true identity. Maybe the change needed is letting your true light shine without concern of what others may think.

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