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We create our own truths based on our opinions and belief structures but our truths are relevant to us personally. We filter through our thoughts and reflect on our beliefs. It is this that eventually formulates our personal conclusion. This conclusion is based on belief structure and what we hold true for ourselves at that moment in time.

As we mature into ourselves, our belief structures are challenged and we begin to get glimpses of other potentials rather than just what we think we need for that moment. If we stop long enough and try to decipher the meaning of these, we can attain insight and understanding into our current reality. It is important not to filter out information as everything has its rightful place.

The mind tends to interfere and wants to rationalize these concepts. With integration in mind, we begin to capture what it is we are trying to relay to ourselves. The truth slowly unravels as life moves forward. This ongoing process brings us ever closer to our eventual awakening to our own personal truth.

We shape our truth with others hoping to find some equilibrium and balance, but we have to realize that truth is only found within concepts or structures we build for ourselves, so our truth is different from that of other’s. To understand this is to accept our truth without obstruction from others.

The search for truth can take us down many paths. These paths vary as we gain insight into our world and what we have created for ourselves. Understanding the truth as we perceive it is relevant to us and it is hard sometimes to accept that other people’s ideas of truth will vary from ours. The truth that we take on as our own is our perception of truth and we cannot make others see what it is that we are seeing. It is actually not important for others to understand or even to try to comprehend what it is we know as truth for it is in place only for us.

To push our truth on others is ego driven, as in forcing our truth we want dominance in some way or for our personal ideas to hold importance for others. If we understand our personal truth that is all that matters. There will be those that will resonate with our truth in some degree or another, as many of us are on similar paths but no one is on our personal path, so no one shares our truth completely.

It is important to listen to what is being said to self from our deepest inner confines as this is our connection to our truth. We will grow into what this inner self is trying to express to us. It takes some time to unravel what is being presented as life is an ongoing process, but everything is continuously manufacturing for what is required in this moment. Stay open to what our truth and be aware that it will change as we become ready for the next steps in true understanding.

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