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Unbounded Potential

Do you find yourself somehow always falling short of your expectations and there appear to be very few potential opportunities? Are you caught in the crosswinds of change? Does your life seem fated and predestined?

Could these feelings of “lacking” or “missing” result from your approach to or attitude towards life?

Perhaps you can review all potential opportunities that lie ahead. Do not limit your outlook by what you see today. Understand that life continually offers crossroads.

When we feel that we are under assault and our options are few, more often than not these are the most opportune moment to discover our hidden strength. We can learn much about ourselves at these times. We cannot view these moments as times of weakness or think of ourselves as caught up in life’s turmoil conditions. We are just at a crossroad. Life is building momentum to enter a new phase and with this new phase, we will be offered broader horizons. How we deal with these opportunities or approach these opportunities is our choice. We have to choose to take that first step towards freedom from restrictions. We just need to have a little faith and strength to move forward into our most precious objectives.

Believing in opportunities and knowing that they are in place so that we can grow and move forward is often something that we have to work on. Without challenges, we stagnate. We do not examine ourselves and our traits. Without examination, we will never understand ourselves. Limited perceptions or confined points of view stagnate our progress. Out-dated belief structures limit our advancement and only we can free ourselves of these ideologies and concepts.

Change is always guaranteed in life and we must change to grow. We are our own life’s directors and we control our advancements or our stagnations. These choices have always been in our hands and always will be.

In reality our opportunities and creative talents are boundless. There is no limit to our potential; however, we hold the key to unlock the next door.

There is no need to feel alone, unaided or deserted. There are countless individuals ready to help us with our objectives in life. Some are physical and some are spiritual, but they are always at our disposal and will often come into focus when we need them most. They are our eternal companions and we are never alone or apart from them. They always have our best interests at heart; however their assistance comes in many forms. The answers to our next lesson may not be the one that we expect or want. We must not limit our growth by our limited focus.

Their willingness to be of assistance and guidance is never short and their patience is infinite. We can always count on their assistance but we alone make the required moves to facilitate forward action in our lives.

We can spend our whole life fighting transformation and being caught between expectations and reality. We may believe that life should be offering one things and due to our expectations, we have failed to see the resolution that has been waiting right in front of us.

Our lives rest in our hands and we can open that door to a fuller and happier existence but we have to believe in ourselves and know that good things are just around the next bend.

You set your own limits through your ideas of how you “think” life should be. Inner peace is an attitude and it is always within your grasp.

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