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We have delved into the subconscious and have an understanding that ego takes up a lot of our time sifting through life events and putting us constantly on guard if we function without focus. The ego manipulates with our right to be ourselves and takes away our comfort within our own skin. Ego brings out the worst in us and then insists that we focus on this alternate personality and take it on as our own.

We know this is how the ego infiltrates our otherwise peaceful interior, but many of us still have trouble identifying ego and continue to connect with it often mistaking ego for who we are. Identifying with ego provides it with strength and keeps it alive and well.

If we wish to truly get in contact with who we are, we have to rid ourselves of this insistent nuisance known as ego. Recognizing ego and stopping it in its tracks is essential. Realizing its influence is really all that is needed to accomplish this. It takes a little time and a lot of repetition but we eventually learn to recognize its voice.

All thoughts are actually ego generated. The real you, the higher self, the inner self is the quiet link within that sits back and listens. It is the one with the quite, gentle guidance. This energy is who we are and stifling ego allows us to identify with this inner energy that speaks quietly and aids you along. When our inner self speaks there are no words, yet everything is completely understood. It is just a knowing within that only radiates truth. It is received on an intuitive level, but also understood consciously if we learn to listen.

If the ability to understand this energy is difficult we have listened to ego for too long and must challenge ourselves to reacquaint with the one with.

The first step is to recognize the ego and its intent. After that, remember not to identify with ego’s incessant chatter. Soon you will recognize ego as soon as it starts. Its voice is harsh and unkind. Living in this very moment eliminates ego because ego is consumed with the past and the potentials of the future.

Find the moment and watch life unfold. Have an ear for that quiet guiding voice that echoes from the heart.

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