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When contemplating all of the various things that we hear or read, can we remain impartial? There are various ways to learn to read between the lines to uncover the truth for us. It is not always easily detected but recognition is an important step. If we find that the information received seems to be stacked towards one argument in any way, we can recognize this and make alterations accordingly.

There is always some truth in much of the information we receive. The challenge is to find this truth.

No one book will ever have all of the information that we may be in search of. What various authors write about holds truth for them, but we have to take into consideration our life circumstance and blend this information with what is being presented to us. Always listen to your heart then allow the mind to contribute. The mind will play with information and try to make sense of it, but the heart knows what holds true.

Any book, any television program, any discussion that we may be part of contains its moment of truth and what fits is what matters. What fits today may not fit tomorrow. Truth if found in the moment. Find your own truth.

Anything that keeps repeating itself often hold special. Be open to dialogue but take what feels appropriate and let go of the rest.

You are your master of your world. You and only you hold the key to your own personal truths.

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