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How do others see you? Is this important?

How to you see yourself? This opinion is very important.

Are you outspoken? Do you stand behind you ideals and allow them to motivate you?

Are you an independent thinker or are you easily swayed by what others say or think?

In the face of adversity do you believe that the tough get going or do you check out when the going gets tough?

Much of who we are and how we define ourselves comes from our own concept of what we believe we are capable of doing and of being for that matter. We either believe in ourselves, or we are at the mercy of what others or we think we are.

We can find buried strength to stay true to who we are and then to accept this person and become comfortable with that recognition. It does not matter what others think, unless of course, we are struggling to see the real person inside and other can offer us a proverbial mirror of true sight.

We have the ability to become anything we wish if we have the willingness to work towards that wish and the attitude of success. If no one else sees this potential, it does not matter. The faith and strength must come from within. You can move in any direction and are capable of anything that you believe you can do. It is all a state of mental being and the belief structures that you have aligned yourself with.

If you feel strongly about something, then stand up for what you believe in. If you are unsure in the objective you currently seek, then change your attitude or change your direction. Be who you are and be proud of this.

If the real you is in a constant state of flux bending with life circumstance and adjusting to others, perhaps you need to refocus and set a course of action that will foster growth in a positive direction that not only benefits others but with particularly benefit you.

You are important and have a special place and purpose in life. Not all accomplishments are meant to be hung under bright lights for all to see. Some of us do our best work behind the scenes. Whatever you choose is perfect for you. No matter how you utilize your gifts, they will allow you to be. Always be open to your true self and allow the beauty of you to find true expression. You were created to be unique. Not utilizing the gifts you have, simply hides your true beauty deep within the blur of the crowd. We cannot see the tree for the forest.

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