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Have you found yourself around groups of individuals that make you uncomfortable, invade your privacy or seem to bring unfavourable conditions in your life?

Are they friends or simply purveyors of stress and anxiety?

Take note of who you are associating with. If they make you feel uneasy or plague havoc in your life, do you require them in your life? This is not limited to just friends and acquaintances, if your partner, siblings, parents cause only anguish in life, it may be time to separate yourself from these individuals. Initially it may not be easy because it may be a lifetime relationship, but for your own mental health and personal growth, its healthy to cut ties.

There does not need to be any aggressive action to make this happen. If there is danger in any way, perhaps ask for assistance from the authorities or perhaps you need to vacate in such a way that they are not able to find you.

Our feelings may sway during these decisions and others may be hurt. Everyone needs time to adjust to change. These changes may lead you to places you never thought you could find.

Sometimes we need to heed the advice of others but especially listen to the quiet little voice within. Sometimes we just need to gather the courage to step ahead, one step without concern about what the next ten steps will entail. The unknown can be frightening but often puts us exactly where we need to be although in most cases it takes some time for us to recognize this.

Analyze the situation, make a plan and then take action. Hasty decisions often produce unwanted results. But after taking the necessary time to process, take action knowing that in some way the path ahead is what you require whatever that may look like.

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