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Uranus, the planet of revolution and often sudden and drastic change, often causes havoc in people’s lives when it transits through the heavens. It is the ruler of Aquarius, the water barer, and is commonly known as the awakener. Its influence will function as a huge factor in making necessary changes to our lives.

Uranus makes changes in areas of life that have outgrown their usefulness. Uranus shows areas that require alteration and liberation from anything that could be considered traditional or restrictive in nature. It creates a desire for the new and unique and often produces this in unexpected and in unconventional ways.

Uranus moves through each sign in approximately 7 years and takes a full 84 years to circle the zodiac. During its movement, it creates quick results and a feeling of liberation and freedom from restriction. It governs universal brotherhood and is humanitarian in its nature. Uranus will force us to have an honest look at life’s issues and then enforce any necessary changes. If we choose not to adhere to what is being proposed, this influence will often affect us in a much more abrupt manner and will then most likely be out of our control.

Uranus is rebellious in its nature and pushes us forward to independent thinking and with a flair for the unconventional and unique. Uranus also has been known to produce shocking awakenings especially when our eyes have been closed to what is now required. Uranus governs universal truths and intuition. Anyone with strong Uranus tendencies has a unique way of rendering these truths (quite often in an abrupt matter-of-fact fashion).

Uranus’ action is unpredictable, imaginative and also very inspirational. It is the higher octave of Mercury and therefore is considered a planet linked to mental processing. It deals a lot with potential outcomes and is future oriented. Uranus pushes us to come out into the open and express our uniqueness and creativity. It is linked with advanced mental quickness and agility, similar to Mercury, although the thinking process may be considered bohemian in its nature.

Uranus rules electricity and anything electronic, such as computers and technology at its newest. Uranus is anything but conventional. Depending upon where it is found in our Astrology charts, it will indicate where we choose to reveal our originality and uniqueness.

If, for example, Uranus is closely linked to the Ascendant in the first house, originality will shine through. Many would consider someone with Uranus close to the Ascendant as a bit of an eccentric and they would not be ashamed of this flair which makes them stand apart from the crowd.

Uranus will push us to be different and also to be proud of our uniqueness.

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