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Uranus takes about 7 years to move from one sign to the next. It will remain in Taurus until 2026. Uranus often acts through unconventional means. It is impulsive and erratic in its energies and very unpredictable. As a matter of fact, it is the most unpredictable planet in astrology.

Uranus can be used as a timer and often initiates activity on the day or accompanying days when it is direct with any planet in your chart. Uranus seeks evolution through change and disruption and its action is sudden, somewhat obstructive but it seeks change because change is needed. When it has completed its task, over time, you can see why change was a requirement.

Taurus is the sign of stability and is a stabilizing energy. This sign is not good with change particularly change that is sudden or unexpected. It likes the known and reliable and will strengthen its hold offering consistent and lasting output that will bring security through action. This action, however, takes time to unfold and before you can see the results. Taurus is steadfast and can be counted on with a steading influence and a solidifying and strong foundation built over time.

As you can imagine, these two energies can collide. There will be some disruption to the comfortable norm. It will likely take some work to move from one apparent comfortable situation to something new which might not look that secure, but Uranus is the awakener and pushes us ahead, so we don’t become complacent and too comfortable. The change, which is likely over time, will be a steadying influence but letting go of the old will likely be difficult.

We become so fixated in what was and it feels so ordinary that the changes ahead might feel a bit frightening even if we are not sure where that new direction might take us. Uranus takes us forward through evolution and experience. We often get hints along the way that suggest a new path is ahead. Some individuals openly react to this, although with Taurus, the likelihood of an easy transition is probably not the case. We might fight with everything we have to keep things as they were as they felt safe and we are relaxed and secure in their presence. However, change is a requirement, and the soul knows it is time.

Something of the past will be carries forward, but only what is needed and that which is left behind is likely only a hinderance to our on-going evolutionary quest.

Get ready for change when Uranus touches planets in your chart. Conjunctions are the most powerful, followed by oppositions and squares. The houses involved will define what areas of life needs revamping. Natal Uranus will also offer insight into what lies ahead. For more information consult your Astrologer.

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