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Do you have an Aries Ascendant, particularly in or around 15 degrees, if so you have had transiting Uranus conjuncting this area of your chart since early June, 2014. Uranus is presently in retrograde and will remain in retrograde until December 26, 2015. At that point, it will be closing in on 17 degrees of Aries.

Uranus is known as the awakener and when it passes over your ascendant anything can happen particularly those things that need change. This might include personal dealings with yourself and your understanding of who you are as an individual, along with changes to your domestic life (changes in relationships particularly marriage partnership). You may change your appearance drastically, change your home environment and/or change your relationships. You may encounter others that are somehow different and unique compared to those individuals you normally associated with.

There is a great desire to break free of any limiting conditions in your life that are stale or offer little in the area of evolution on a personal basis. Many make drastic changes in life without much time to think about what it is that they are doing. Some of these changes might not be advisable (compulsive actions), while others are exactly what are required. On some level, these changes are necessary and although they may be abrupt or sudden in their nature, remember they are a requirement.

There are those that will buck the system and insist on not changing anything and if life is centred and we are working in accordance with what is required then perhaps they will not have to make these sudden breaks from the norm. If, however, anyone with this aspect is in need of change and they will not make these changes on their own, sometimes life events force these changes. Staying put and making little change is not advised unless as mentioned you are truly living solidly within the requirements of your destiny. We all need to evolve and change with what needs to take place in life and with this aspect, this evolution is enforced if you are not willing to make the changes on your own.

These changes can be somewhat unexpected and it is hard to define exactly what will transpire as Uranus is the awakener and its actions are very difficult to pin-point. You can basically expect the unexpected when Uranus is making powerful aspects in your life. By reviewing how your life has been moving along, you can have a vague idea if there will be gentle changes or drastic changes. It should be understood, however, that these changes and desires for freedom are prerequisites to the needed changes that one must adhere to.

Beyond a doubt, it is best to go with what this aspect is showing you. With this aspect, we would suggest that this is how you view these circumstances entering your life. Look to the house that is ruled by Aquarius as well as where Uranus is located in the natal chart for some clarification as to what areas of life may be affected. This review can possibly prepare you somewhat and you could also have a look at how Uranus is aspected in the birth chart to see how challenging these conditions might be.

If Uranus is relatively well aspected in your birth chart, events may not be as aggressive or overshadowing, but if Uranus is poorly aspected in the birth chart, see what changes you should be making and make them before the aspect becomes direct in transit. The exact day that Uranus crosses the ascendant in your chart will often be when events happen.

We are not suggesting that all hell will break loose, but you should ready yourself for some much needed change in life and a break from any restrictive forces that may have held you back previous to this time. Let your life flow without interference and be as a bystander. All in all this is an exciting period in life and will bring some remarkable changes to your life that will benefit you in the long haul.


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