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As winter rears its intentions, many of us develop the desire to visit faraway places.

What many of us seek (although we may not look at vacations from this perspective) aside from escaping the cold is to bring the vacation “frame of mind” to life. We may be seeking the relaxation, adventure and one on one time with others. Are we seeking something new and away from the day-to-day experience?

Do we travel to experience the beauty of nature and other cultures that need to be explored?

In many cases we each live a special, fortunate life and when we visit other cultures, we are provided a clear perspective of this.

Take the time to create peace, to reflect within and meditation on how special life truly is whether it is in your own home or on a warm beach. Calming your inner environment and setting aside time for something personal should be on the agenda.

Celebrate each day. Share your life and love with those around you. Be the generator of faith and the motivator for those that feel stuck in life’s circumstances. You have the power and capabilities!

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