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The transit of Pluto to Venus can manifest in several ways. First and usually foremost it speaks in terms of love and romance. Second, it may speak in terms of our finances, material possessions and in some cases, artistic pursuits.

When it comes to love and romance, this connection often brings to the surface challenges within an existing relationship that can, under this influence, be dealt with and rectified. It can deepen and bring more security within this relationship if we deal with things appropriately. If there are problems, they usually stem from ego and power struggles. We must recognize them as such and be able to face and deal with them. Sometimes the relationship seems to be running along perfectly and now becomes even deeper and more satisfying. The relationship reaches a new level of understanding and commitment under this influence.

If this period brings a new relationship into existence, this relationship can be a deep and a personal one with strong sexual energies. You just seem to know each other instinctively or the dialogue between you is very deep and personal. The potential for change and evolution for both individuals is heightened, and this applies to a newly found relationship or a long standing one. Pluto transforms, regenerates, and speaks of personal change. Its energies can make love relationships profound and have great substance.

In general, trines speak of easy flow and a good rapport. This combination brings positive outcomes to life. This aspect is the one we are always waiting for.

If this transit of Pluto to Venus brings financial conditions into focus, then it often speaks of potential increases in this area. We may inherit money, come into money through marriage or partnership, even through business associations.

Sometimes Venus speaks about creative potential and much recognition is possible under this aspect’s energies. We will need to bring things to the surface and find ways to express our creativity, perhaps through shows, or through the meeting of influential people. It is a time to push forward with our creative insights and let others see what we are capable of doing.

Our feelings are stimulated at this time, and we can make things happen. DO NOT sit back in reflection even though Pluto will make this easy to do. Push forward and strive to reach objectives in life, whether this is creative and/or romantic. The energies are in a good place when this aspect is in place, and we should use these energies to assist us in uncovering what we are in search of.

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