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Violence Does Not Solve Violence

How many wars have been fought in the name of justice? How many innocent people have been killed in the name of religion?

Throughout the years mankind has used drastic measures to try to deal with injustice and what is the end result? Have the issued been resolved? Is there less crime or atrocities? Has the punishment suited the crime?

Why do so many innocent people need to be hurt or die when fighting breaks out between rival factions? How do you stop this violence? How to you make these individuals accountable without violence?

When someone is jailed for a crime committed is the problem rectified due to their institutionalization? Does the perpetrator come out with a new found outlook that assists them with the intension that they will not harm another again? We call incarceration justice but does justice assist in correcting the issues or does it perpetuate the problems? What is the alternative?

One thing is for certain, violence does not correct violence. If anything, it promotes more action of the same. So what do we do and how do we change the course of our world? What is the alternative for our political leaders? What other course of action can they take to combat violence?

Can change begin with us? We can foster a better tomorrow by being an example to our children and our children’s children through love and compassion. We have to “be” the action that we want for our world. Slowly we will mold a future that WILL help those in need of direction and those who are dishearten because of a life that offers little in the area of hope.

It begins with us. Once a wave starts on a lake, it continues and will travel the full length of the lake. Our small steps in a positive direction can become the source of inspiration that can touch all of humanity. Start your own wave and let’s watch its rippling effect.

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