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Visualize What You Want

We would like to do a little exercise on visualization but before we begin, we should spend some time focusing on what we already have. Take a moment to recognize all the wonderful people in your life. Take a moment and experience thankfulness for your health, even if you are currently facing some challenges. Remind yourself of miraculous way our bodies work. Take a moment to look around your home, your furnishings, the comforts that we so often take for granted, your automobile, your clothing and more importantly, the food that nourishes your body. Think of your job (schooling, hobbies), your income (pensions, assistance, employment insurance) and the life style you experience because of these things. We live a life of plenty! From time to time we need to focus our attention on just how fortunate we are to have all these blessings in our lives.

Being grateful for what we have rather than paying attention to what is missing will keep the door open for more of the same to develop and grow in our lives.

Some of us get caught in a cycle of complaining and we forget to reflect on all of the positives in our lives. We judge and focus on what we condition negative attributes of our life and because we are so wrapped up in that focus, we only see what is missing and what we do not want in our lives.

It truly is a blessing to be alive today and to share all the wonders of our world. One of the most treasured experiences we have is nature and its raw beauty. Regardless of season, it is spectacular to take in. Stop just for a moment and take in the beauty that surrounds you. Take a real close look. It may be the first time you have done this in a very long time.

Now that we have spent some time recognizing our gifts, we can appreciate our lives on a deeper level, but what about our most sacred wishes? Can we manifest these into our lives? Will our “wants and desires” ever become part of our lives? What you are wishing you truly want it in your life? Will it bring you happiness or even more importantly will it make you more whole?

Carefully re-consider your objectives in life and make sure they are in line with your values and concepts. Make them holy in nature and treasure these objectives. Centre them in such a way that others will benefit from your hopes and wishes. It should provide something of value to others as well. Once you have considered these conditions, imagine that you already have them. Throw away the thoughts of “I wish”, “I want”, “if only”. They only produce more wishing, wanting and if only’s. Picture you life filled with all that you could ever need as though they have already materialized. It is through living your life as though all your needs are met that life will be exactly as you dream.

Manifesting into life begins with this attitude. You have to picture yourself as already having “it”, as it were already a part of who you and your life.

Look in the mirror and tell yourself that these have materialized and you deserve them. You cannot manifest something into being if you feel you are not worthy. You have to come to terms with this. You deserve all of the wonders and joys of life as much as anyone else. If you do not believe this, make alterations to your belief structures. Your beliefs and expectations mold your life over time. You can change anything given the necessary time to change your mind’s focus.

You are a kind and loving. You deserve the best that life has to offer. You deserve happiness and contentment. With focus and a positive attitude, you WILL manifest, and life will fulfill your intentions. All that you need will materialize if you believe and stop wanting. There will be more to come, as you open up to the possibilities.

Let go of wants and wishes. Be open; be positive!

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