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(Part Two) what’s appropriate to pursue and what is not)

We are continuing our focus on Void of Course Moon in Astrology from March 4, 2018. Please read for a definition of “VOC”.

Many individuals explain that they experience synchronicities relating to the spiritual or mystical when the Moon moves into its Void Of Course motion.

There may be something “other worldly” about this period and this may explain a feeling of apparent impartiality towards material or ordinary living. As mentioned, people seem less concerned about material living and appear to be ungrounded and out of sorts. Applying this to rational thinking, we might determine that this could be a time of connecting with our higher self and/or oneness with our source, the whole. I know this sounds rather religious but in reality, all things are energy and this energy is a whole.

Spirituality does not have to take the path of “in-the-box religion”. I know that the route travelled by traditionally religion offends some but if this is the path that is comfortable for you, so be it. We are all unique and are here to learn our own unique lessons. Whether you believe you will learn best from traditional religion, nature, spiritualism, etc. please follow your heart.

Whatever path feels perfect for you, it will include times when it is necessary to look within, time for self-reflection, prayer (particularly of appreciation) and meditation (the act of listening). Under the influence of the Void of Course energies, it is best to steer clear of any material objectives but enlightenment, on some level, is much more attainable now, if the desire is authentic.

Under the influence of the Void of Course energies, it is not wise to attach ourselves to material objectives, from buying a new vehicle or pursuing financial gains through speculation or risky ventures. Beginning a business project or asking for a raise or promotion might not be timed favourably under the energies of the Void of Course energies either.

It is always suggested to wait until the next major aspect makes contact (most Astrologers agree that only major aspects should be used). In this Astrologer’s opinion, there is not enough data to make an informed decision on whether we should wait until the next minor aspects or major aspects. Perhaps the disruption, or in contrast, the energies of spirituality and occult leanings are more enhanced and more energetically inclined through the major aspect and this might be the reasoning behind such thinking.

As mentioned, if you feel that you need to begin something relevant to your life’s situation either from a spiritual perspective or material objective, it is advisable to wait; however, if you have little choice on the timing, have the steps formulated ahead of the Void of Course energies by someone else. You may be better off taking a back seat than stepping into the driver’s seat. The same may apply to legal proceedings. If at all possible, it is best to wait to entertain such ideas or start such endeavors as the potential for some type of setback is often likely when the Moon is Void Of Course.

When it comes to make decisions concerning personal matters, it would also be advisable to wait for the Void of Course energies to pass. Buying a house or deciding to arrange a marriage celebration or pushing ahead with having children would be included in this list.

Most Astrologers believe that the Void Of Course energies are similar to those of retrograde planets (with the exception of Saturn, of course) as the energies are not in full force or are held back. This period of time should be used to formulate a plan of action rather than pushing ahead with your action.

It is, however, always suggested that you rely on your own intuition and to not be led by anything or anyone. Astrology is most certainly a viable tool which is at your disposal, but freedom of choice and freewill is the key to our life’s lessons.

It is said that even the most appropriate aspects regardless of how favourable, do little to offset the Void Of Course energies. Move ahead at your own discretion and live your life in accordance to what you feel serves your true purpose is always best.

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