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There have been many inquiries concerns the Void Of Course Moon.

Many individuals that use Astrology as a regular tool put great emphasis on the Void Of Course periods.

The Moon will frequently go Void Of Course and you can produce a print out for when this happens on many sites. Make sure that you use your current location when creating the table.

The Moon is the fastest moving object in Astrology. It moves through a sign in approximately 2 ½ days. As it moves through each sign of the Zodiac, it makes a final aspect to a planet while in its orbit until it moves into the next sign. The void of course period is between the final aspect of one sign to the first aspect in the next sign.

For example, the Moon makes an aspect to Jupiter at 27 degrees 14 minutes in Aries and then it does not make another aspect until it makes one to Neptune at 1 degree 9 minutes in Taurus. This period between 27 degrees 14 minutes Aries and 1 degree 9 minutes Taurus is a Moon Void Of Course (VOC) period.

This VOC period will affect every living thing on our planet. The periods will vary, however, depending on where you live. It is therefore very important that you are using the correct time zone for where you live.

In general, people during this VOC period are not completely tuned into what is going on. They tend to disconnect from the normal state of consciousness and could be considered detached and airy from a mental perspective. This is not to say that they are completely disconnected, but they are not completely grounded either.

The Moon’s energy has rule over the subconscious, and is connected to the emotions and feeling networks of all individuals. The sign and house position varies for each individual; hence our different and variable emotional expressions.

During these VOC periods, which can last from a few minutes or perhaps even seconds to up to three days, our decision making can be unreliable and in some cases unworkable. People tend to make decisions that often turn out to be challenging as our judgement can be impaired. Many decisions that we make during these periods often require some modification or correction later on. In many cases, things just do not work out as favourably as they could which can cause delays and major frustrations as we have to rework what was done under these influences.

What we set out to do often heads in a different direction and can be costly or defective. We may make decisions with unrealistic expectations which lead to mistakes and inaccuracies.

If at all possible, it is best to wait until the VOC Moon makes an aspect in the next sign. However, if you have little choice and you have to move forward, you can expect some delays or unexpected twists in your plans. You may have to reformulate your plans at a later date. This is not something that is overly important and pertinent to our overall life’s experience but can certainly be inconvenient at the time.

In our next astrology post on March 8, 2019, we will look specifically at some things that should be avoided and also look at how we can utilize these energies favourably.

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