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The moon is not a planet even though it functions as a planet. According to Universe today, a moon is defined to be a celestial body that makes an orbit around a planet. It can be referred to as a natural satellite. For our purposes, we will refer to the moon as a planet for simplicity sake.

Void of Course Moon is a phenomenon that actually occurs quite frequently (approximately every two to three days). The Moon is the fastest moving planet (again for simplicity sake) travelling through the Zodiac signs. It takes the Moon two and one-half days to move from one sign to the next and during that time, it makes many aspects to all the planets in our solar system.

When the Moon reaches its furthest degree in a sign while still making a major aspect to one of the planets, (Conjunction, Sextile, Trine, Square and Opposition) it is not considered Void Of Course. After the Moon completes its last applying aspect to one of these planets, (for example it makes a conjunction to Mars at 26 degrees and 36 minutes of Aries and then does not make another aspect to any planet until it reaches Taurus) it is then void of course. The Void of Course (VOC) period could last as little as minutes or as long as a couple of days.

As mentioned, the moon can stay VOC for as much as two days but this is quite rare. During this period, regardless of how short or long the period may be, Astrology tells us that we should not make any important decisions or start new projects. It has been noted that beginning something of importance during these periods often produces less than desirable results. Often things do not go as planned, and as a result, they require adjustment once this lunar cycle has completed its duration. Our judgement is often not as sharp as usual, and reconstruction is often a by-product of decisions made during a VOC period.

It is suggested that during these periods, we should spend time reflecting and regrouping through acts of deliberation or meditative practices. Once the Moon has entered the next sign, plans and events seem to move along better and we avoid possible delays and frustrations that are often accompany times of VOC Moon.

In Astrology, the aspects between the Moon and any other planetary forces speak to us concerning traits and life events. When the Moon goes VOC, it is as though there is no message being sent, and life and our plans for life hesitate and loose communication to our cosmic guidance. This is not to say that nothing happens, but it seems that making plans during this time is best to be avoided and should be pursued once the Moon moves into the next sign.

Is this a myth or an Astrological phenomenon?

You be the judge. There are websites that can provide you with specific times for these periods and their durations. Test this phenomenon and let us know what you experienced. You might be surprised!

We will continue our look at VOC moon in our April 16, 2021 post.

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