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So you believe that you are a little bit different than most other people? How does that make you feel? Is this due to your belief structures? Is it because you never totally fit in during your school years? Do you feel as though you are unique in some way and separate from others? Is your path different in its unfolding than most anyone else?

What is considered normal in today’s society? Are we all not different yet the same at the same time? We all live and then one day will pass from this existence. We are all born into these lives and as an evolved individual, we know that we are all the same. If we view ourselves as different, how will we ever understand the concept of oneness?

We understand that if we hurt our brothers and sisters in this world, we also hurt ourselves in one way or another. We also understand that those characteristics we see in others that we do not like are either a part of our own characteristic makeup or we fear what we see, in some way.

Yes…. we each all walk our own path through life, but are our paths really that different? If we look at this question from an internal point of view, we know that we are all spiritual beings currently occupying a physical body and have come into this life to fulfill our life’s experience requirements. Again, I ask, how different are we really?

We walk our own path and learn in our own way but, we are all connected through our brotherhood… sisterhood…. humanhood. As mentioned earlier, what we do to others we do to ourselves. So it must be that what we do for others, we do for ourselves as well.

Walk your road with confidence and dignity. Learn your own private lessons through life’s experience. Share your life with those that matter (who doesn’t matter?). Share your life with those that (on the surface) do not seem to matter, because everyone matters. We all move together.

If you do not like what you see in your immediate surroundings, make creative changes so that what you see is pleasing. Much of this is created through action and through our thought process.

Love the road you walk and share it with everyone you meet. This path was built to be shared and so were you!

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