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We Are All Equal

The revolving door of life presents us with opportunities to meet up with many different people throughout our visit here in the earthly realm. Some of these individuals we come to know and grow very close to and others are with us for short wavering periods of time. There are varying degrees of mental alertness within each of the various individuals we meet. Some of these individuals are extremely intelligent, some are book smart, some spiritually connected but many of us are challenged in some way or another.

There are still others who are physically restricted with various struggles with mobility and different ailments. These individuals have chosen a demanding life specific to their physical, mental and/or emotion challenges. These people have decided to come into this life to learn from restrictions and challenges. These challenges are filled with immense growth for these souls. At times is can be difficult to understand the why’s behind these challenging conditions but many with disabilities do not see themselves as disabled and actually feel enriched by their adaptability and strength.

Most of us who experience these challenges, regardless of the specific challenges, want to be treated as equals. The vehicle used in this earthly existence is just that, a vehicle and has no reflection on the soul utilizing it. Each and every one of us living this earthly experience requires and is entitle to compassion, respect and love.

Do not, however, assume that someone with a disability is bitter or angry. Do not assume anything!

Next time you are out and meet an individual with a disability, see beyond the physical, mental or emotional. Experience and enjoy the person for who they truly are. Do not be afraid to say or do the wrong thing but do not assume either that they require your help. Always apply the same rules as you would to anyone you meet on this road of life. A true human experience hinges on caring. It costs nothing.

So many of us fear our reactions to or do not know how to act around those people with challenges. As a result, we avoid making contact with them all together. Remember that we are all linked together and how we live our lives affects each and every one of us on some level. How you treat others defines you, not them. We are all brother or sister, little pieces of a greater whole. Recognize this unity and celebrate it with every brother and sister you meet in life.


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