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If we allow ourselves a few moments to reflect on who we are, without criticism, only paying attention to our most positive traits, what do we see? How does this positive knowing fit into our perceived notion of who we are? What frame of mind is this attitude originating from?

You have to take an honest look at who we think we are. Once we are being open to this thinking, we can eliminate or disengage ourselves from any preconceived negative ideas we hang on to.

We are products of the concepts that we identify with. We believe that our “perceived impressions” are who we truly are. We are misled by notions that any perceived negative manifestation must be a part of who we are.

We are in a constant state of “becoming” and what we believe to be true, we create as our identity because through perpetual focus, we create. If there is something in our makeup that clearly misrepresents who we want to be, then it is in our hands to make a conscious choice as to whether we will allow this characteristic to manifest on a physical and mental level. We are not at the mercy of our beliefs, unless we believe that we have no control over what transpires in our lives.

Who we think we are is true evidence of this. Who we think we are now is a formulation of our current beliefs and it creates the perception we have of ourselves today. We have manufactured this identity and it is our identification with this that allows us to perceive it as real. We use the term “identify” over and over again. If we understand the fact that our identification is what makes it so, we will understand why this term is used so frequently. It makes us aware of the control we have over situations in our lives and the manufacturing of our perception of who we are becoming.

If there is something within us that does not sit well or does not feel right, we can let it go and stop believing that it is part of us. We are the only person that makes anything in life truth for us personally. We manifest our beliefs over time and where we are and who we are now flows in conjunction with what we have allowed into our consciousness.

The saying goes “We become who we associate with”. We are told this early in life. We are told to pick our friends carefully as it is easy to form ourselves into what is in front of us. However, we have actually chosen to take this characteristic from our friend and to make it our own. It is all too easy to mirror what we see regularly. Just as our thoughts, we mirror or manifest into our personality that which we think.

We control the building of concrete materials and characteristics into our lives. Do not place responsibility on others for what you experience in your life. What has happened in the past is in the past. What we do, say, think, feel today is a product of a choice we are making today. Let the events of yesterday stay where they belong..... in the past. When we learn to channel our focus and our identification of self, our focus materializes our new reality. The choice is ours.

Look within and find what feels comfortable, what feels right. Hold on to those qualities. Let go of anything that does not resonate in our core. We can release ourselves from the grips of these qualities. We have been practicing this exercise our whole lives but not fully understanding our ability to choose and create. Now it is time to understand that we are manifesting our own reality on a conscious level through our intentions and focus.

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