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When you feel backed into a corner and it feels as though there are no options available, that is often when something comes along unexpectedly, out of the blue, and offers a different path.

When this unexpected option surfaces, you ask yourself why you never thought of this before. You may realize that you were so wrapped up in the surrounding conditions that you were blind to new ways of looking at things. It happens when we get caught up in life’s circumstances, especially when our options seem limited.

Where did this new option come from?

If you can’t figure this out just let it go. It is not that important to find the reasoning behind how and what took place; but now, suddenly, you have options and different paths to take if you choose to. Things seem to change in an instant and your whole outlook goes through a transformation.

When things seemed to be at their bleakest, we are forced to let to. We can become so entwined in what we are facing that we are blind to anything else. We must be able to separate ourselves from events and look at situations from a different perspective and the door to new opportunities opens.

Do not allow negativity to have rule over life. There are always options. You just have to be open to them. In the worst of conditions, circumstances can magically turn themselves around.

Enjoy life’s ride no matter how rough and know that something rewarding is just around the next corner.

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