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There are times that each of us questions the reasons behind our existence. What exactly are we here to do? What are we here to learn?

What we are here to do is precisely what we are doing. What we are here to learn is an ongoing process through our daily experiences. Simply stated, we are to learn about life through our experience of it.

This experience includes first and foremost love and then happiness, peace, love and tranquility. We are here to learn about love, compassion, love and forgiveness. Did I mention LOVE? We are here to passionately encounter new and exciting experiences, simply by being and by loving. We are here to capture life’s essence and then set it free. We are here to share our life through relationships, through communication, through selfless acts, through mindfulness and by living in the moment. We are here to learn about our abilities, as well as our reaction to life itself. We are here to live and to simply be.

We are also here to share our life and to feel pain, to feel sorrow, to experience anguish, to experience life even through its most ugly expression, sometimes through the pain of others and sometimes through our own pain. We are here to experience feelings of anger, even vindictive reactions. We are here to experience loss, death, sadness and for some of us even other horrors of life. We are here to grow from these experiences and to rise above them. We are here to find strength through adversity and appreciate our blessings through the contrast.

We are here to share our life, to express ourselves, to know others but especially to understand ourselves. We are here to discover, to have visions, to experience life through all of our senses. We are here to develop and grow from the experience all of life’s expressions.

We are here to learn how to love and to know the feeling of being loved. We are here to grow into ourselves and at times make massive discoveries through the challenges of life and our own innate fortitude. We are here to discover our strength and endure our hardships. We are here to grow as individuals and find and connect with our true spiritual selves.

We have come into this life, at this particular time, in this precise moment to serve our real purpose as proverbially written in our personal book of life. Its pages are written by life’s experience and formulated for us to get a clearer understanding of self and what true love is.

Experience your personal experience. Share it! Celebrate life and each and every lesson that comes from its experience. Get have a lot of loving, living and learning to do.

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