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Do you catch yourself in the act of avoidance?

Are you somehow feel out of alignment?

Some events seem just too difficult to digest. We take a protective approach by trying to ignore or push aside some issues rather than dealing with them and hope that they will disappear or at the very least lessen in intensity. We eventually realize that they return again and again until we face them.

Facing challenges can be trying but running away from them resolves nothing. We must face each hurdle, learn and move on. Ignoring an issue only invites a larger, harder lesson in the future.

While dealing with the issue, we usually recognize that the problem is not near as difficult as it appeared. The mind tends to exaggerate and blows issues out of proportion.

Confronting our fears always lessens our anxiety although the ego would like us to think otherwise.

How often, for example, do people worry about health issues and become completely distracted because of their focus on “maybes” and “what ifs”? Many will spend countless days worrying about something and then discover that there was nothing wrong. The stress of worry can manifest many symptoms and if not kept in check, manifests true “dis-ease”.

Power of suggestion can plant seeds of worry. With the continual, repetitive suggestions that we are bombarded with in all types of media for example, we can develop physical conditions and believe that the feelings we are experiencing are real. If left long enough, we experience prolonged agitation and nervous anxiety builds and then we can become obsessed with our focus.

If we take control of our thoughts and focus, we can ease many situations before they get going. Sticking with our health example, if we feel that there is something physically wrong, a physician should be consulted. If there is a health issue, it can be dealt with immediately. If there is not a health issue, you will be reassured that everything is fine and remove the worry.

Many of our concerns are ego generated and once this is acknowledged, the conditions will usually fade spontaneously. Know the strength of your mind. It can interfere on many levels and physical ailments are just one example. On the other hand, our mind can be our greatest ally.

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