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In our last “Food for Thought” post on August 31, 2017, we talked about our part in the ongoing life conditions that surround us all. Today we thought we would take a look at our commitment to ourselves and following the groundwork that we have put in place as we proceed with creating a better living environment.

At our fingertips, we have a wonderful accumulation of knowledge that we may have brought with us from previous lives, that we have gathered in this life and that others walking this journey with us have shared.

Some of us have been blessed with psychic abilities and special talents. Some of us have learned special skills through life studies that we share during this unified journey. We all have gifts but these are not gifts unless they are shared, through acts of compassion, through acts of love and the need and want to share. Each one of us plays an integral part in the process. We all have talents; some may be latent and are yet to be revealed to us. Others talents are quite obvious. Do not squander these talents. It is necessary to be of service during this life and we all have and need a purpose.

Could your most important purpose be to bring peace and happiness to our world? What do you feel your purpose is?

We recognize that it is essential to live in the moment. We understand that we build our future by our vibration and focus, and we know that thoughts create reality over time. We understand that to stay positive and productive we cannot allow ego to be part of the equation. We understand that it is essential to quiet the chatter of the earthly mind through meditation. When we release ego and expectations, we can feel the shift within. When the shift takes place within, the energies have to boil over and flow out into our surroundings. Their expansion cannot be contained within nor are they meant to be hoarded.

Many of us have been on this path for a long time. Many others are now joining in. Never give up or give in. Strive for peace and let love be your guide. Keep sharing, reading, experiencing. Let your light shine.

Be the light that brightens the darkest areas.

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