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In Astrology, the Natal or birth chart is a snapshot of the heavens at the instant of birth with the planets frozen in those locations for the duration of your life. The planets, their placement and their angles to each other and specific points in our natal chart tell the individual’s personal story.

Once we are born, the planets continue their movement around the zodiac and the movement of planets after our birth is known as transits and progressions. Again, however, the birth chart or natal chart placements remains intact for our lifetime. We will not go into detail on the natal or birth chart in this post, but suffice to say the transiting and progressed planets and the “frozen” planets of our birth chart will make aspects to each other and will tell a story over and above the story told by our Natal chart.

When these transiting (moving) planets align with natal planet placements (and much depends on the overall condition of the natal chart), areas of your life defined by the house positions of the transits and progressions as well as the house positions of the planets in the natal chart are activated and life events and reactions begins to unfold. This unfolding is experienced on an intuitive level at first when the transiting planets begin forming an aspect (angle between these links) and then can be experienced on an external level through events as the energies become enhanced by the joining up of other planetary influences.

Astrology can pinpoint when these areas of life will become activated and how these energies may affect you. However, it is important to remember that much depends on the attitude you have during these life events as well as the duration of their effects on your life and to the intensity of what transpired. An Astrology chart can prepare you for these upcoming energies and can provide you with clues as to how to deal with the energies and events or take advantage of what may transpire over the coming periods while the transiting and natal planets’ energies merge.

Astrology can be used as a tool and a guide to assist you in overcome obstacles, to assist you to prepare for periods in life when things may not run smoothly but also to prepare you for times when great opportunities will be laid in front of you. These opportunities may not materialize if you do not recognize the prospects that are available to you. Astrology gauges the energies of the activity and provides you with suggestions on how to utilize these energies as they enter your life.

For those wishing to take advantage of these early signs and use Astrology as a guiding principle in their lives, astrology is a viable “advertisement” of opportunities to come, both the easy flow and with harder lessons.

Transits and Progressions offer a window of “seeing” rather than having to move forward without insight of the potentials that lie ahead. A chart can provide you with the upper hand.

Astrology is a tool of reference that can be applied in many areas of life. The birth chart provides the initial backdrop suggesting who you are, how you naturally cope with life and how you can take advantage of opportunities that come your way.

Astrology’s guidelines are not written in stone as we have free will and can react to any given situation in our own way but we are predisposed to reacting a certain way. You Astrology chart will indicate this. A chart is a tool to assist us in dealing with life as it unfolds, with less resistance and with more personal awareness.

We have the tools available in life to overcome any adversity and also to take advantage of all opportunities. Astrology is one of such tools. With your own personal decisions combined with information provided by Astrology, we can direct our lives and enjoy the natural flow.

Take advantage of the information Astrology provides and have a leading role in your ever unfolding journey.

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