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What is Freedom to You?

Take a moment to quietly explore your concept of freedom. What is freedom? How does one attain freedom?

This is a very in depth question and there are many answers, as freedom means different things to different people. Our individual meanings of freedom will differ depending on where we live in the world and the conditions we each live under in this life.

Someone living under totalitarian rule with very little freedom of choice and the inability to express themselves without fear of punishment has a totally different view of freedom compared to those living in a country which allows the freedom of speech, although some may still fear ridicule.

You truly have to ask yourself what freedom means to you as an individual and under what conditions freedom can be expressed. In the true democratic nations of the world, freedom of speech without fear of prosecution through government organizations has some significance, although there are circumstances where even this freedom may be taken away.

Freedom is an individual experience and how you relate to your own personal freedom is really all that matters.

I want to address a specific type freedom. The freedom that is expressed when you are being yourself under any condition, feeling comfortable in your own skin and unafraid of ridicule or worrying about what others may think….the freedom that unlocks the door to inhibitions and allowing the self to emerge without sanctions or restrictions. Being your true self can be difficult in our society as there are always those who judge, but in reality, other people’s opinions and judgements hold no real meaning.

I am speaking of the freedom to approach each and every life event in your own individual way. It is insignificant how others feel about your life’s situations. How you feel is what matters (as long as you are not intentionally hurting yourself or others through your actions). You can allow yourself to be swayed by others, but once again, this allowing is your choice.

Other people’s attitudes and belief structures belong to them. You always have freedom of choice and freedom of action. If someone injures you on a mental level or physical level, without downplaying the situation, you have the choice on how you can deal with these events. It is in your hands and your decision uncovers what the next move will be.

You have the freedom to analysing any given situation and the ability to approach any condition from any angle you choose.

In reality, you cannot blame anyone else for an action you have taken regardless of their actions leading up to your choice. Freedom is a concept. Each and every one of your decisions is made under this concept.

In understanding the concept that life provides and your acceptance or refusal of whatever life provides once again is through your freedom of choice.

You can only be held responsible for your choices. You must take responsibility for your choices. We do have true freedom if we analyse our lives. Be thankful for this ability but also take responsibility for it.

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