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There certainly seems to be a division between two different paths of thinking with our current pandemic. There are individuals who believe that all that is transpiring is a conspiracy that threatens mankind’s way of life. It is believed that we are being dictated to and that the masses are being herded like sheep around a virus that is no more deadly than the common flu. On the other side, there are individuals who believe the restrictive rules are essential to protect themselves and others from that which they believe is a threat to mankind as a whole.

No matter what your beliefs are, it is imperative that you do not get caught up in the fear. Living in stress and fear can create depression and the feeling of having little control in what is being manifested in our lives.

Some individuals have expressed constant worry and anxiety over the fact that they may become sick and pass. Some individuals have express the fear of repression and will take their chances with the virus to rally against the government and their underhanded plans. Unfortunately both sides of this thinking can be extreme in their thinking and it is creating a divide amongst the masses.

We can honour each other and allow. Respect always has its place. Living in gratitude for whatever we have in our lives honours our existence. Honouring our differences is what eliminates fear, depression, emotional and mental fatigue, anxiety. These are the enemy.

Is this pandemic a wakeup call to take a second look at how we are living our lives?

If our beliefs cannot hold up under the stress of our current situation than these beliefs are not viable.

Maybe we have been afforded the opportunity to make a difference through love and caring.

So many people are stepping up to make a difference. Celebrities are offering free concerts and fundraisers from the safety of their homes. Horse owners are visiting retirement and nursing homes with their horses to cheer those living there. In many ways, many people are placing themselves second to the needs of those around them and living their life with great passion and concern for others. They believe that the greatest lessons come from adversity and do not struggle with what might be. They live for today and do what they can to help others. They are the examples for others to step up and through love walk through this difficult lesson no matter what side of the fence we are on.

Do not allow yourself to be swept away with fear. The healthy alternative is to live by acts of love and compassion.

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