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If we have climbed the ladder of success and are in a position of authority over others or if we have influence that will affect those around us, we must tread carefully and be sure to impacting others through truth and influence them through acts of inspiration. Our acts and words should foster reassurance, hope and inspiration. They should not dictate but nurture others towards fulfilling their dreams and following their heart and that which feels right for them. Positivity will lighten. Negativity will burden.

We can help others to understand their place in the grand scheme of things and help them find the value in what they do. Every living thing has importance. No one should view themselves as anything but significant to themselves and others. Always speak your truth and deliver your message in a universal language that others will resonate with.

With gentle words of compassion and acts of kindness, we will nurture those struggling to lift themselves from unhappiness and even despair. They may only need a few inspirational words to help propel them forward and although our words may have instigated their action, their decisions to act are theirs to make and are personal.

For those in positions of power and influence through financial gains or politics, it is imperative that the people choose those with honesty, vision, strength and accountability.

It is said that power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely. This is most evident throughout our world especially in underdeveloped countries and in many political circles.

Power is a manifestation in this earthy realm. When time has come for us to pass beyond this earthly existence what is left of our power? If we use our influence wisely, we can leave behind a legacy not measured monetarily or infamously. We can create positive attitudes that have the potential to lift others out of complacency. We can assist with the shift of negative perceptions in order to nurture or parent much greater attitudes and actions in the future. Influencing one person in a positive way today will ripple to many others tomorrow.

What will your legacy be?

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