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What is Your Perception of God?

There are times when our world appears to be under siege. There are terrorist acts carried out in various regions of our world. Violent acts are carried out in the name of religion and God while others figth in the name of justice and equality.

My God, pure essence, highest light (call it, him, her what you will) is a loving energy. How can anyone fight in the name of love?

What is your perception of God? Is this energy a violent tyrant that seeks revenge and worship at any cost? Is this righteous and just? Would a loving God stand behind such atrocity?

So once again, how can one fight and murder in the name of God?

God is the loving energy the burns inside each and every one of us. There is not an ounce of violence in God, the Godhead, our pure essence, I am, Father, Mother, etc., etc. God is love and compassion.

Standing up for our rights has a place in our world but violent action and acts of barbarism cannot be connected to God.

Will you be the example of love and compassion to all that surrounds you even in the face of violence?

This can certainly be a difficult task. Let compassion and love for all mankind be your motto, be your hymn of justice. Lead others with your pure light so that all can see your brilliance.

Our hearts go out to everyone that is and has been affected by these segregated individuals that try to tear away at our fabric of peace and freedom of choice. We hope that you can find a place of solitude and grace; a place where you can hold on to love. Do NOT allow these acts to rob you of your core love and compassion. If you do allow this, the acts of violence and terror have succeeded!

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