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Not long ago we did a post on the awakening process and how “everything” is already a part of who we are. We reminded ourselves that we do not have to search for answers for they are already in place if we choose to listen and see. We just have to be open to the answers and the assistance that is always offered to us. These are not things only available to the minority or privileged few. These are available to everyone, as long as we are open, and follow our inner more conscious thoughts as these help to stimulate the awakening.

Follow through and staying focused on gratitude and appreciation (being in the positive mind frame) initiates the process. Once the conscious process has begun, you will notice that life seems to run smoother. There are not as many rough spots to go through (not because the lessons are no longer there but due to the fact that our attitude towards them is healthy and open) and even the challenging conditions do not carry the same weight or stress as they once did. We become more accepting, more open to dialogue and life seems to change. You may not think that this change is your doing, but it is your acknowledgement and understanding that moves you forward.

You will move at your own pace. Do not be in a rush. When you look back and review your progress you will notice that you have much more clarity than you previously. Sometimes the changes are so gradual, they go unnoticed at first. With your growth comes a realization that all the little things that once slipped by now seem to draw your attention. This is the moment calling you to living simply within it. It contains everything we require. Once we begin to utilize the moment, we are present within it and all of our needs are met.

Take life one step at a time. It is try beauty in motion. Within the moment, life is limitless just as you are!

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