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To begin....what is that “big step”?

We are not talking about that promotion that you have been working towards or a commitment you are contemplating with your partner. What we are referring to is our big step forward towards fulfilling our purpose....our divine purpose.

We are living a material existence. We cannot deny this. Addressing our needs and concerns pertaining to this is important. Should we be overly focused on moving forward in these earthly ventures? Should we be spending countless hours pursuing a position that promises financial rewards?

These are part of our day to day living and as a result, we do have to address these. We were not put on this earth to ignore our survival AND flourish needs. If part of the process is to attain wealth then so be it. Find your fortune. Address your concerns. Learn and fulfill your earthly requirements.

In achieving life goals pertaining to physical manifestation, we recognize our capabilities to manifest and creation. There is nothing negative or irresponsible with achieving and setting goals in life. They can be quite rewarding. The rush we experience from these rewards, however, is short lived and then we push on to the next goal. Achieving these earthly objectives sets us up to recognizing our abilities to transform our lives and reach other important goals that are not focused on material gain.

The achievement we set out to accomplish may be a little more elevated but we trust ourselves as we have accomplished other goals that we previously set. Perhaps now is the time to gather ourselves and reach out for something in life that not only brings us happiness and self-understanding, but advances us on our spiritual journey as well, a goal that connects us more securely to our core self.

In our earthy existence there is nothing wrong with working towards material expansion if that is on our list of important accomplishments. It will serve the purpose for the time being. Eventually we will tire of material success and work on other goals, spiritual, emotional, psychic, etc. These goals have many different peaks. The gratification experience from reaching each juncture will far outweigh any man-made material gain.

We can claim our rewards for a life set in motion. We can appreciate our connection with source for true happiness is not experienced through material abundance although it is our birthright.

If we have not already reach it, there will be a time when we have reached the summit of worldly achievement and the door will open so that we can delve within to find the answers for true living. This is the time to find a place of peace and true quiet, a place where we can make contact with our inner self.

We can manifest all that we need for a comfortable life. We can move ahead in material abundance and helps those who struggle along the way. While we walk this earthly journey, we cannot forget to manifest the needs of our higher selves as well. Take the time to sit in quiet contemplation, to hear the messages of all of the other energies that share this existence with us. Meditation, nature..... these too offer riches both to our earthly existence but also of a much higher value, one you cannot put a value on.

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