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We have heard from some people lately that they feel lost with no clear direction. They feel as though they have nothing to strive for. Are you waiting for something or someone to point you in the right direction?

Our journey can be challenging at times to say the least and we feel as though we may have lost our way.

These times in our lives are the perfect time to be contemplative. What a wonderful opportunity to reflect on where you have been and where you are now. There is no real need to look forward during these periods. They serve us best if we use them for reflection and review.

There are times when it is imperative to just settle into our current life’s conditions and want nothing more (......just for this moment). When we look up from our review, we may find that a light has appeared in the distance. There will be just enough light to light up the shadows in the dark corners of our life and we once again will feel comfortable and guided to continue on our journey. We can never hurry the process but we can utilize the time wisely while we wait to reflect and use this period wisely.

If we choose to get caught up in the fear of nothingness, we must refocus. It is just that simple. By shifting the mind’s focus, we can reflect and appreciated and prepare for the next leg of our journey........that WILL come. It is inevitable.

Life can be SO busy and so much can happen that we did not make time to take inventory. We shoot the rapids and spend little to no time adjusting and adapting to the subtle lessons that we learn. These stagnant times are not meant to be wasted. There is so much reviewing that needs to be done so that we recognize all the invaluable tools that have been passed our way.

Observe and examine. Take the time to look at the treasures you have been provided with. Recognize that this quiet time is quite temporary. Do not be mislead by reactive thoughts. Channel your focus in an appropriate manner so that you are ready to continue your path. Where this path leads, we are not sure but rest assured it leads to where you need to be. Enjoy each moment and utilize what feels like stagnate times to reflect and review. In such a short time, you will be shooting the rapids again.

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