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Have you ever pondered where you will be in your golden years? Will life be easy at that stage? Will you enjoy good health? Will your mind fail you? Will you continue to grow and move forward on your path? Who will you be?

We are always on our path, even when it seems we are being led astray. There are twists and turns in our road of life and yes, every one of us will be taught some hard lessons. Sometimes, if we get caught up in judgement and expectations, life will feel unfair. We may wonder why some seem to have it so easy when we have considerable strife to contend with.

Can you accept the concept that we have set the stage of this life long before we arrived? It is much easier to accept the course of life if we accept that we are on purpose and that we have set the plan in motion. If we take responsible for the lessons at hand, we then have no choice but to take control of our lives. We can blame no one for its course.

Our focus has an immense impact on the quality of our life. If we focus on negativity, life will be more negative. If we focus on positivity, our life will be more positive. It is as simple as that but redirecting our focus can be a battle.

We picked this life and each of its lessons for a spiritual purpose. Our higher self knows what we need to expand and grow.

Now I return to our earlier question, “Who am I?” Remember the answer to this question is your own personal concept. It is not important what others think of who you are or what you have accomplished. It only matters what you think! The important lessons could be learning unconditional love and compassion. These make you who you are.

Have you developed a meaningful relationship with yourself?

Can you let go of struggle through acceptance? Recognize your own personal abilities and put them to good use.

Do not allow your own personal view of yourself to be tainted by what others say or think. Ego will want to run with this information, but ego knows nothing about true living. We are not that voice that says we are no good. We are the one listening to that voice. They are two different things.

Your attitude and belief structure play a significant role in how your life unfolds. Your concentrated efforts and focus are making life what it is and that is all that really matters. In many ways we are spectators of this unfolding life. Destiny will have its way, even if we have a part in the overall development. It is best to take life one day at a time. Do not allow the imagination or mind to run wild with what “might” happen. Be content with what is unfolding right now in this moment, but yes, have goals in mind.

Life has purpose even if we do not completely or minutely understand it. Live in the moment. You will miss many great moments if you are living in the past or living through anticipation for the future. Enjoy the present moment for that is all that life is right now. Know that you have purpose, believe in your potential, and have faith that you are always on course no matter what the outcomes or how life looks. Life always shifts. Ride the wave, experience and learn what life is trying to teach you each moment along the way.

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