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Who Am I?

Ponder this question for a moment – “Who am I?” Take some time to think about this. Are you your thoughts? Are you your beliefs? Once you have had time to think about the answer to these two questions, again ask yourself, “Who am I?”

You are not your thoughts! Your thoughts are not who you are. Thoughts are your mind’s process of its perception of reality. The mind is not you. The mind is a part of this earthy vehicle that we call your body. Where is the dividing line between your (whatever you want to call it) and the mind which is part of this earthy existence?

Who am I? I am........that is it!

The mind will not be happy with this answer as the mind is analytical. The mind wants clarification; it has to be rational and it needs something solid to grasp. Yet as simple as this statement is “I am”, if you truly break down who you are, there is no more.

You are not your body! Your body is just a vehicle for your soul. Are you your soul? What is the soul? You are a spirit in human form. What is a spirit?

Are you the amalgamation of all your experiences, or is this just a concept? It has been said that life molds you into who you are. So are we an accumulation of all that has happened to us? ..Are these not just events? We do not own events that we are a part of so how can they be a part of our being? Is the real you not much deeper than an experiences from this life?

We are part of the pure essence. We are part of the whole. What is the whole?

These are tough questions. Mull them around. What are YOUR beliefs? What feels right to you?

Your mind does not define you. It is not whom you are. Your mind is a tool to process information.

We participate in the moment, but what is the moment? Again, tough questions, aren’t they?

Please share your thoughts. Perhaps these questions are difficult because our minds, (our computers) do not have a logical answer available. Our ego interferes and insists that we are what we think we important doctor, a caring teacher, a loving parent. This is our vocation...our calling.....but these are not who we are. just are.

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