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Tonight, when you retire, will you take a moment to express your “thanks” in your own personal way for all that “was” today?

Do you review your life through a focus of gratitude?

Recall your life from the earliest days that you can. Reflect on the innocence and carefree attitude you had as a child, if you can find these memories. Stop for a moment and make the connection between who you are now and the little one you were so many years ago. Think of the time that has passed and reflect on whatever memories come back to you. These memories are partly what have brought you to this present moment in time.

Each event is part of our life’s growth experience and these events remembered, along with countless others forgotten, are what have created the current you. These events have helped shape and transform the personality you call “you”. That little innocent child is still mirrored in your present personality and resonates in your core identity.

Each event experienced was meant to be and was a requirement in the developing story of you. Nothing was by chance, regardless of how traumatic or tranquil the experience. They had to take place. No mistakes. Nothing was to be left unsaid and if you look deep, you will come to terms with the “why” behind these experiences maybe not today but possibly tomorrow or the next day. They were all necessary to provide you with guidance and to accelerate your growth.

Take a moment and reflect on who you have become. Be completely honest, as it is impossible to fool yourself. Recognize the individual. Accept who you have become. What are your attributes? Be honest and totally open. Do not let the ego colour these reflections, as it will try to influence these impressions.

Now, look only at the positive characteristics and again reflect. Know that this is you. Do not just pass this part by. Recognize this individual. This is who you are. These qualities are the true essence of your personality and you deserve these virtues. You worked hard through your life to allow this beautiful you to exist.

There are great benefits in viewing your character traits and your personality with this intent. You are meant to identify with this person. You are your best qualities, no matter how few you acknowledge, no matter how many you appreciate.

If you are unimpressed with what you see, you are undoubted looking at what you are not. You should look deep within and acknowledge who you are.

By reflecting on your true essence, you open the channel for continued growth in life, and you will uncover or allow more of who you are. There are hidden aspects of your true essence that are waiting to be released, but you have to be willing to open that door and to see and accept these. By recognizing your true essence, you are allowing your core personality to expand into your consciousness.

This core essence is always awake and ready to reveal itself to you and to reawaken you to your full potential. You are all these pleasing qualities and more. Accept this. The true you is ever-present and continuously expanding. See you for who you are. You await your acceptance so that the true you can divulge more.

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