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There will be times when we have to ask for assistance from others during this journey. Sometimes, those individuals we approach are available and offer sound advice. Sometimes no one seems to be accessible and we have to reach within for our answers.

There will be times that the questions are so profound that we reach for higher guidance from our inner self, guides or source. It is reassuring to know that we can always rely on these sources for advice and guidance.

There will be many times during life that the answers to our questions are not what we might have expected and the answers we receive actually create even more questions. The steps we need to take as a result of these answers are not always easy. It can be confusing when we have to take a route that is foggy to our human minds as we always want to proceed with clear understanding and our eyes wide open. However, there are times when we need to have faith and move in the direction that may not appear to be an easy one at the time.

If we search deep down inside we will discover that we have the answers to most of our dilemmas but we may not be aware of the guidance we are receiving from the other side. Many of us feel as though we can only depend on ourselves although we might also recognize the efforts made from outside sources. In general, we can rely on our own good judgement and if we follow through without too much additional worry about what the outcome might be, things turn out fine. It is the release of worry that can be difficult.

Ego will try to make us think that we are the only ones orchestrating the decision making. Quiet that loud obnoxious, misleading voice within and listen to that quiet little voice that radiate from within, as that voice can always be relied upon.

We are never alone in our decision making and someone will always assist us in our time of need. As a result, we should never worry about making the wrong choices as nothing in life is by chance and even the most challenging road is a route that teaches us the most memorable lessons in life.

When you are faced with challenging conditions, know that you are being guided and never doubt that assistance is available. If a friend offers advice, listen with an open mind as that advice may be just what is needed. Know with certainty that what you require will always be found. No mistakes; no wrong turns. Always have confidence that you will find the answer that most suits the solution to your question. It may not be the answer you would prefer but it is the answer that you need.

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