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Take advantage of the moments when the metaphysical window of opportunities opens. It is what we do with these opportunities that either curtail or expand our connectedness. There seems to be specific times when the gateway to spirituality is open and mystical unfolding is unleashed in leaps and bounds.

Some individuals suggest that these opportunities are periodic with long breaks in between. For others opportunities are long lasting and are presented often. For many, however, they get glimpses off and on throughout their lives. This can result in frustration and impatience.

It is important, therefore, to seize the moments when they are presented. Sometimes we receive nudges that something significant is about to unfold. Other times, we have little to no warning when the window of opportunity swings wide.

When these opportunities present themselves, the energies flow without restriction. An abundance of information becomes available and insight can be quite profound. These are unique moments of inspiration and magical in their expression.

Some of us get glimpses of the future. Some of us get revelations about the past. Some experience the ever present now in a new and wonderful way. All of these experiences, however, can be profound. The revelations that unfold can have a significant effect on us for many years to come if not life long. Some of these experiences can never be forgotten as their impact is life changing. Very little of what is learned and understood will be forgotten and the event can be relived in its entirety.

Grab hold of these events. Record them in some way in their original form, although our memory seems to be able to do this efficiently. For most of us these events are few, far between and invaluable. We are privileged during these moments of inspiration. These truly are moments of awakening.

We are not suggesting that valuable lessons are not at hand always, for they are. At times, however, we are gifted with monumental revelations that are life changing and once experienced we can never return to whom we were previously. These are milestones that we never forget but are infrequent in our lives.

In the meantime, pay attention to the subtle messages and quaint discussions that take place in your life regularly as these are what create even further understanding after these transformative events. In the very least our daily experiences and practices prepare us for metamorphic events to come.

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