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There are times when the energies seem to enhance growth and opportunities to enter our lives. We feel blessed when these moments present themselves. It is important to utilize what is available to us. Sometimes things just fall in place but other times we must generate activity to allow these prospects to flourish.

These are opportunities for energies to flow and in recognizing them as such, be grateful. Being truly grateful opens the door for more of this type of energy.

Sometimes these opportunities seem few and far between as we get caught up in life’s lessons and not its blessings. But why do we have to label?

Perhaps a relationship ends, or we lose our job, or we make a commitment to something that does not seem to work out well at the moment. The relationship ending or losing our job opens the door to opportunity for something even better, something we would have not taken advantage of if the ending had not occurred.

Lessons are our greatest windows of opportunity to learn and in general we do not forget what took place, becoming more adept at moving through or recognizing these challenges when they confront us.

It is not always easy to see opportunities when we are dealing with challenges. However, in many cases, the lessons learned become valuable tools in our life’s quest.

We are truly the masters of our destiny and sometimes we just need to change focus or open ourselves up so that these opportunities become available. We must learn and will eventually achieve what is needed. Use what is available to you and recognize what is within your grasp.

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