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On a physical level, you can exercise, eat properly, have regular checkups and in general look after yourself, but will this keep you young?

Is being young a state of the body or a state of mind?

You have heard or experienced how some young children seem to be old souls and are wise beyond their years. Does wisdom make you old?

Most young children play and enjoy their life and live in the moment. This might be considered young. They have few cares but when they have one, they can become obsessed within that moment. However as soon as they move away from the issue by altering their focus, the issue is often gone forever or holds little relevance.

Should this be considered young or a youthful thing to do, or is this something we could all benefit from?

Staying forever young certainly deals with conditioning and living in the moment. Having fun may be an attitude we all should share, child or adult. Children enjoy the moment and live within it. They fully experience all the details of their focus.

We, as adults, tend to live in our minds and think in terms of what will be or what has already been. Rarely are we content with living in the now. Staying forever young yet wise is an attitude. Keep you mind open to new concepts and ideas. Life always provides us with new lessons because we never have all of the information or all of the answers.

If you want to feel young, have fun and keep learning. Don’t ever think that there is nothing left. That frame of mind will ultimately end your existence.

We are enveloped in a spiritual journey and we have just opened the door. Even the most advanced souls (or should I say especially the most advanced) know that the journey of knowledge is just beginning. The further along we progress, we realize how little we actually know. This does not mean that we are ignorant of understanding. It does mean this journey is new.

Stay young by remaining in the “school of life”. Be mindful and watch your focus. Learn from the very young and be open to the recognition that the journey is just beginning.

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