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If you could have only one wish, what would it be?

What would be the ramifications of that wish and how would it affect others?

Life is a magic moment. We are presented with hard moments representing lessons to grow and wonderful moments to relax and enjoy.

If you reviewed your life to this point, how would you categorize it? Was it filled with wonder? Was it magical and inspirational?

What did you learn and what would you pass on to others about how to live their life?

If you are so inclined, take a moment to write down some of your answers and then reread them. What is your reaction? Was the theme sad, enlightening, exciting? Were their priority events?

Your conclusion and emotional response to this review defines your current moment. Can you see how attitude plays a significant role in your determination of your life? Watch how your reactions take hold of your emotions and bring back memories.

Now go back to your original wish. Is it future oriented, does it relate to the past or is it related to this moment? Is it personal in nature and could you share it with others? Does it bring a smile to your face, and do you believe it could happen?

Now ask yourself what’s holding you back from making this wish a reality?

If it is too far-fetched? If you believe you could never reach it, change your attitude. Attitude and beliefs play a significant role in all things.

For the next month, while standing at the mirror brushing your teeth, repeat a mantra that suits what you wish into fruition. Make it short and easy to remember. Don’t worry about believing in it in the beginning. The mind will play with your new thoughts and the ego will likely get in the way. As time passes you will start to recognize that maybe a portion or the whole of what you wished for is possible. It may not manifest exactly as you envisioned, but it manifested.

Anything is possible if we pay attention to our thought patterns and our connectedness to what they are. Identifying with any thoughts build over time and in some way manifests. Pay attention to your belief structures and expectations as they play an important role in life.

You control many aspects of life even when life seems to dictate. You have full control of your attitude.

What will you bring forward and how will it affect you?

Begin now.

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