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Belief structures create reality. Your attitude towards life is reflected in your surroundings. If you do not like what you see, you need to make change in your direction, either by changing circumstances in your life or by viewing your life from a different perspective.

Self-reflection is personal and does not reflect what others see. You create your concepts by believing in them and adhering to them. You make them your own, constructive or destructive.

You are not your mind; you are the one listening to the chatter.

Attitude and expectations decide what is to come. Focus is key to bringing more of whatever you believe and focus on into your life. The universe does not judge; you do the judging. You are simply provided with more of what you decide to focus on. If you look for beauty, you will find beauty; if you look for disappointment, you will find disappointment. It is like learning a new word. You never heard of the word before but once introduced to this word, you hear it used by others.

Your life is in your hands. You decide which road to follow. Push your thoughts in the direction you want to move but choose wisely. Your thoughts form your reality.

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