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From a mental perspective our relationship with Covid regardless of our beliefs on its significance has played havoc in our lives for two plus years. It has twisted our outlook of life and has challenged each and every one of us in some way or another. Any concerns regardless of belief system influences our lives over time. The inhabitants of our world are all undergoing some type of impact.

Some marriages and friendships have been altered as a result. People react differently to life’s circumstances and in many cases it affects us mentally and emotionally which can influence our relationship with life itself.

When you find there is a great degree of stress in your life, look closer at what has been going on in your immediate world.

If for example an important relationship is crumbling, examine what is taking place in life. It may not be the relationship itself but other circumstances influencing the relationship and challenging its existence. The realization of this information alone can renew the bond and bring your closer together. It can be difficult to see the trees for the forest, as the saying goes.

Life circumstances, left unchecked can influence our friendships, our health, our families, etc. Remind yourself that the outside world can have a direct impact in our personal world. Recognizing and understanding this can help us release the stress and live more enjoyable moments. Do not place the blame on family and friends.

Know that change is constant and that all things will pass.

What is life trying to teach us?

Our greatest evolutionary steps are often accompanied with difficult conditions. You’ve got this!

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