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Working Towards a Better Future

As we gain momentum in our lives and push towards our goals, we will be required to review our life from time to time. During these moments, it is important to pay particular attention to our direction in life and by what means we are achieving our desired objectives. Are we moving ahead with our aspirations with a clear plan for the future? Are we making decisive plans to reach these intentions or are we allowing ourselves to be at the mercy of life’s directives?

After reviewing our current route in life, it will be apparent that we are always on course, even if we are questioning this fact. All life events are meant to be, and we are never really off track with our eventual destiny. We are constantly making little adjustments along our road of life and addressing these conditions, often without even being aware of the changes we are making. Often these changes or mental adjustments are done on a subconscious level.

The course is set and we are on target. We certainly will experience twists and turns along the way, but this is our life and we learn from these experiences. We are here to learn about life’s choices and to make plans that will alter our consciousness and push us towards a more “whole” approach to life. All these things that we consider as stumbling blocks actually enhance life’s opportunities. Life is like an electrical current always moving along the set course. Yes, we can shut off the switch, but in the off position the current still waits to be released and can “in a flick of a switch” continue on its course.

Your objective view on life and current mind frame possess future potentialities. You mold the future by belief structures and expectations. You can choose the path that contains many hurdles (and lessons hard learned) or you can choose the path of least resistance through acceptance. We all learn in our own way and through our own methods. We will subconsciously choose our best learning methods.

You can find peace. It already resides within. Accept and release it. Everything you need is not only attainable but already exists, and this is apparent upon reflection. Your life is in your hands. You mold your reality. You are in control. Move forward with this in mind and seek out all that is relevant to the ongoing, unfolding story of your life.

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