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You Are Part of the Equation

You need to stop for a moment and evaluate who you are in the “big” equation. What is your part? How do you fit in with your family, with your friends, with your community and with your world?

Take a few moments to think about this. Now on a piece of paper write down, for affirmation purposes if you will, what you believe these answers are. Do not downplay your role. Write what you think is realistic and your honest opinion of whom you are. Continue with your attributes and what you have to offer to help the overall condition of our world, even if only on a minute scale.

On another piece of paper (remember to date these notes), write down how you would truly like to fit in with your family, what you want to mean to them and a vision of how you want these relationships to be at some point in the future. Do not think in terms of how you want them to fit into who you are, think only in terms of what you want to provide or offer to each union. Do the same with your relationships with your friends, your community and your place in the world. Think big --almost unattainable, but still possible.

Next ask your guides to help you obtain this state of being, because it has to be a state of being. This potential you is not an illusionary concept. It has true potential because you are able to imagine it.

Keep these intentions in mind on and off throughout your day. Reminder yourself of your goals each night before you go to sleep. Ask your guides to help you with these changes during your pre-dream state. Acceptance these changes mentally. Visualize these changes and have faith that the higher powers will assist you in their manifestation.

Believe in the power of the ability of these changes to materialize. Over time you will see the results begin to take place. As you see these results, your belief in this potential will strengthen. Believe in yourself and know that you have come into this life to bud into the person you truly want to become.

Keep up this process every night before you go to bed until it becomes a habit. It will undoubtedly take time for you to create this positive habit so be patient with yourself. If you fall off the wagon, get back on and do not let the mind influence your objectives. Keep going regardless of what transpires within your mind. Do not allow ego intervention.

You could say to yourself “I began this manifestation in early September of 2014, and will continue for six months into early March of 2015”. On this final date, read your letter to yourself once again and see the changes that have taken place. Make a special note on your calendar so that you will remember. Put your intention note in a place where you frequently visit during your day, to keep the intention alive.

You will be pleasantly surprised on what you are capable of materializing with your intention. Be strong in your resolve and believe that you have a special mission. You are not here by chance.

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