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You Are Ready

Moving forward along our path, we are enlightened along the way often encouraged to follow an untrodden least this is how it feels. The road looks new and exciting, and we feel as though few have walked this route before us. This road is well traversed, however. If you look carefully, you will notice that the path is well worn.

This route was mapped out long ago and we walk it with many others. Picture this in your mind. Imagine a flow of people venturing down this path of twists and turns. Picture it as a path with rolling hills and valleys and bountiful beauty on all sides. Although it feels new to you, you walk this road with many others, and many more have ventured down it before you. You are not alone in your journey and you can feel this as you visualize the road.

This road is the path of enlightenment, awakenment...a turning point is life. Do not fear venturing off and getting sidetracked from time to time as this is normal and the path is easily found again. Understand that you are not here by chance and that the time is right. You are ready for this journey or you would not be here.

We seek tranquility and a peace response to life. The road in front of us leads us there. This road is the path to unconditional love. This path has been patiently waiting for us and the time has come that we take that step, that leap of faith and venture forward into personal unknown and uncharted territories.

We can take our time as we wander along the pathway. We should be open to dialogue with ourselves and stay open to dialogue with others that we meet. We all have much to learn. Feel free to question, but be prepared for the honest, frank answers as the truth is not always pleasant. The reflection we see around us is constantly changing, as it is a reflection of ourselves. The changes that are taking place within are the changes that we see around us. Our road is a mirror of where we are in our lives. If we do not like what we see, we must have a look at what we might need to do with our lives to alter our external vision. It is not others that create this external viewpoint. It is generated from within.

There will be key points along the road where there are symbolic benches and individual seats where we can sit and take in the scenery. These are resting points and these are there so that we can stop and smell the roses. These are times of solitude as well as times to reflect on who we are and where we have come from, although the past no longer seems important.

We can venture forth with confidence knowing that we are on the path that has been waiting for us. It is important to feel free to ask for advice from the people we meet and also the silent bystanders that are with us on our venture. They are our guides and are readily available upon request to offer guidance along the way. They are our guardian angels, our helpers and they can always be counted on when we need them.

You are never alone, although you might feel as though you are. Take that walk. You are ready!

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