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Many of us carry out various practices such as meditation, energy healing, delineating synchronicities and self-help techniques that add to enlightenment and awareness in our lives. These are all viable practices and are certainly a tool to assist us to progress and grow. These are not a want; they are a need.

When we are focused on the intent to continue forward and believe in what we are doing, the energies unfold and the changes and awareness are enhances. Enjoy and truly experience the process, whatever this may encompass. Those individuals that simply go through the motions or do it because they believe it is what is needed may notice little advancement from a personal perspective although they are still advancing in general terms. Once we open the door, advancement is always part of the process.

We can never go back to where we once where or to whom we once were prior to this transition. Our eyes have been opened. I am quite certain that most of us would prefer to walk towards the light of awareness and be taught the lessons that bring enlightenment, no matter how difficult.

Many of us are guilty of the lack of patience and the journey, in many cases, is slow and can be somewhat tedious at times. Patience is obviously one of the important lessons. If, however, you take the time to look back even over one year, you will come to the conclusion that much has changed and you are moving along rather nicely.

The more you are in line with the steps to move ahead and enjoy the lessons that are required, the greater the advancement. The more you go with the flow, the better the results. You have to want to succeed and appreciate the steps that are taking place in your life.

There are countless individuals that are sleeping and feel no need to move beyond their current level of life. This is certainly their choice and may be an important lesson in their life.

If you are reading this, however, you have a stirring within. Do not become complacent. Recognize the honour in sharing life with those around you. Open up to the gifts that are available to you. Never waste an opportunity.

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