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Let’s say that you have experienced many incarnations prior to this life experience and have been fortunate enough to have learned many valuable lessons. From these what have you brought forward into this life experience?

We are spiritual in nature living a physical life. What is the purpose of this physical life?

What are you capable of doing and what ingrained knowledge do you possess?

Your journey begins with you and what you learn and achieve in this life is set in motion by what you believe you can do.

How can you help others and what have you decided to do in this life?

Many believe that we are on the precipice of a new cycle or have already entered it. We are the forerunners of this new cycle anchored in love and learning. We are at the transitional stage working towards the betterment of mankind (Age of Aquarius).

Aquarius’ energies focus on filtering through our perception and recognizing that change in some form is not only required but is a dire need. We are the harbingers of change.

This is your adventure. What you do with your ingrained knowledge and abilities is in your hands. Will you allow these to be utilized?

Know that you are an integral part of this effort, shifting people out of complacency and helping them recognize their true potential.

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