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Creativity can be expressed in many varying ways, and these methods are significant to each individual. Our goal should be to recognize our creativity and bring it to the forefront of our lives. Our creative expression could be through writing, public speaking, spirituality, religion, mystical understanding, parenting, friendship, career, marketing, diversity, psychic ability, innate understanding, emotional interaction, healing, listening, fostering help, intuitive understanding, nursing, sports, music, painting, building, teaching, entertaining and the list goes on and on and on.

There is no shortage of creative expressions in our world. We just have to nurture the expression that we are comfortable using.

Believe in your abilities. Do not ignore them or let them lay dormant. Life skips along quickly. Utilize the earthly gifts while they are available to you. We are spiritual beings living an earthly existence. This existence is temporary. Do not waste this opportunity.

You have great potential. Formulate a plan and follow through with it.

There is no such thing as failure. If at first we do not succeed, there was a lesson learned in our efforts. Lessons help us to master our creativity.

What will your next creation be?

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