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This is a time of awakening for many. We each recognize that we are on a specific path of our own choosing. We know that we create with our thoughts and focus. We are open to understanding how the ego manipulates and its efforts to maintain a tight hold on us. We can recognize ego’s chatter, although it can sneak in and still manipulate at times.

Many of us have questions why we enter this life experience as the person we are. We even ponder why we have picked this specific time in the evolution of our world and we as a people. Why is “now” so significant to OUR evolutionary growth?

Each of us has our part in the process and development even if we do not recognize it. This is not a statement of grandeur. Simply, every link in a chain has its purpose. Many have mentioned that it feels as though their specific part is only minor, yet the single contribution by each of us has a profound effect overall.

There are many times throughout life that we have to remind ourselves that we have chosen this life and each and every experience, all of its ups and downs. Each event, somehow, leads to our development and growth.

We must honour ourselves and live up to our own personal standards. We must be persistent in our efforts yet accept that there will be times that we will sway as this is part of the human experience. Swaying from what we perceive as our path is part of our journey. We will always be able to continue on our path when we silence our minds and open our hearts.

If we find ourselves being doubtful, we can ask, “Is this ego’s voice?” or “Will these thoughts assist me?”. Once we have asked, quieted our mind in meditation and waited for the answer, we will always find reliability answers when we confront issues with these questions. We must, however, quiet our minds, allow honesty and be open to the answers.

Our reality, which we are constantly creating, exists because of our focus in this moment (a formulated thought).

Pay close attention to what it is that you are creating.

Remind yourself of who you truly are, (a spiritual being residing in a physical body).

You are as powerful as any other creation because you are part of the whole, a part of the Source energy.

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